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Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025: 1750 Cadet Police Constables

Police concours Cameroon 2022 2023 1750 Cadet Police Constables

Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025: 1750 Cadet Police Constables


concours police camerounaise

Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025: 1750 Cadet Police Constables.

Launching the direct entrance examination for the recruitment of 1750 Cadet Police Constables into the Police Training Centre. Police concours Cameroon


The Delegate General for National Security Cameroon

Vu :
la Constitution. 
– le décret n°20111412 du 09 décembre 2011 portant réorganisation de la Présidence de la République. 
– le décret n°961034 du 1°‘ mars 1996 portant création d’une Délégation Générale à la Sûreté Nationale.
– le décret n°20121540 du 19 novembre 2012 portant organisation de la Délégation Générale à la Sûreté Nationale.
– le décret n°9411991 du 07 octobre 1994 portant Statut Général de la Fonction Publique de l’État.
– le décret n°20121539 du 19 novembre 2012 portant Statut Spécial du Corps des fonctionnaires de la Sûreté Nationale.
– le décret n°751496 du 03 juillet 1975 fixant le régime des concours administratifs et ses divers modificatifs.
– le décret n°751459 du 26 juin 1975 déterminant le régime de rémunération des personnels civils et militaires de la République du Cameroun, modifié par le Décret n°79164 du 03 mars 1979.
– le décret n°20101263 du 31 août 2010 portant nomination d‘un Délégué Général à la Sûreté Nationale.
– le décret n°20101280 du 13 septembre 2010 accordant délégation permanente de signature à Monsieur Martin HBARGA NGUELE, Délégué Général à la Sûreté Nationale.
– le décret n°20121545 du 20 novembre 2012 portant organisation et fonctionnement de l’École Nationale Supérieure de Police et des Centres d’instruction et d’Application de la Police.
– l’arrêté n°204/CAB/PR du 16 avril 2003 fixant les conditions d’admission aux différents cycles de formation et le régime des études à l’École Nationale Supérieure de Police et dans les Centres d’instruction et d’application de la Police, modifié et complété par l’arrêté n°913/CAB/PR du 15 septembre 2014.

Considering the operational requirements;

ARTICLE 1.- A direct competitive examination for the recruitment of 1750 CADET POLICE CONSTABLES into the Police Training Centre shall take place on 26th February 2024.

ARTICLE 2.- Prospective candidates shall be aged 17 at least and 27 at most by 1st January 2024. They shall be holders of the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC), the Certificat d’Etudes Primaires (CEP ou CEPE), or any other equivalent certificate.

General and special requirements: Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025.

May submit an application, young people of both sexes filling General and specific requirements to be recruited into the ranks of the National safety including:

Should be,

  • Be of Cameroonian nationality.
  • Enjoy their civic rights.
  • Proof of good conduct and good morals.
  • Be declared fit for active service day and night.
  • Qualify as free of any condition or disease entitling to a long-term leave.
  • Have a size of at least 1.57 meters for the candidates of sex feminine and 1.62 meters for male.
  • Not having been sentenced to a term of imprisonment exceeding 06 months or a sentence with one of the disqualifications mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 6 of Article 30 of the Cameroonian Penal Code, either felony or misdemeanor relating to probity.
  • Not having been excluded from a School of Police or the Police Training Centre.

The conditions listed above must be met in full by the candidates; non-satisfaction of one of them inevitably leads to the rejection .

Required Documents for Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025: 4840 Cadet Police Constables.

ARTICLE 3. – (1) Prospective candidates shall, prior to the compilation of their documents, register online via the website, from the 30th November, 2024 to 08 January 2024 at 3.30 pm. prompt.

(2) Candidates, whose online registration shall be validated, shall submit their complete registration file at the General Delegation for National Security in Yaoundé or at any of the Regional Delegations for National Security, following a schedule that shall be made known to them by phone.

Constitution of application files.

  1.  A handwritten application with date and signature and bearing a fiscal stamp of 1.000 CFA francs, addressed to the Delegate General for National Security. The application shall clearly state:
    • The candidate’s full name, address, sex, date and place of birth.
    • Division and Region of origin.
    • The chosen competitive examination.
    • The option which shall be General Service.
    • The examination centre.
    • Chosen language.
    • National Identity Card number.
    • The list of all enclosed documents.
  1. An online registration form, printed from the web site dgsn and duly signed by the candidate with two passport size (4X4) colour photographs on a white background.
  2. A receipt of payment of 16 000 CFA francs for registration, issued by any branch of Express Union or through Express Union Mobile Money, after obtaining a code which will enable Payment. The code shall be generated during online registration on the website . Those who shall pay by Express Union Mobile Money shall report to any branch of Express Union to obtain a printed receipt.
  3. A certified copy of birth certificate of the applicant complies dating to more six (06) months.
  4. A certified copy of the diploma required signed by a competent civil authority.
  5. A presentation of the original certificate diploma signed by a competent civil authority.
  6. A criminal record (Bulletin No. 3) not older than three (03) months.
  7. A medical certificate regulatory model (900 CFA francs) issued by a medical officer.
  8. A stamped Fact Sheet 4 x 4 photo  color and white background.
  9. A fathom certificate stamped regularly meeting the conditions listed above.
  10. Authorization to compete for civil servants, issued by the Minister of Public Service.
  11. A copy of certified marriage certificate complies dating to more than six (06) months for female candidates regularly married.
  12. A large envelope size (A4) to the address of the applicant, postage stamp of a postal official rate.

Incomplete applications received at the General Delegation for National Security will be automatically rejected and returned to the sender.

Phases of the Examination.

  1. There are four steps respectively on the written tests, medical visits incorporation, physical tests and morality investigation.
  2. At all stages of the competition process, the lists of candidates will be disseminated by the General Delegation for National Security, the single broadcast authentic.


Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025: 1750 Cadet Police Constables.

Centre of written tests
Successful candidates will undergo written tests in the examination centers of their choice, open in all regional capitals of the Republic of Cameroon.

The schedule of written tests
The written tests in which the program is attached will be held according to the following schedule:

February 26, 2024
08h-10h: Writing
10.30am-12.30pm: Moral and Civic Education.

Candidates will report 30 minutes before the time of the first event at the examination rooms, each equipped with its National Identity Card or the receipt of submission. They will not have them either paper or paper sheets composition and draft being procured by the administration.
The admission average level of written tests is equal to 11/20 without elimination mark and after application of coefficients.


They will take place immediately after the publication of eligibility according to a schedule that will be a statement. The candidates to undergo the medical examination of incorporation will be subject he payment of expenses inherent Attached to 25,000 CFA francs.


The modalities and practical tests program will be as follow.
The competition results will be the subject of a notice of the Delegate General for National Security.

The candidates declared definitively allowed will be direct entrance examination for the recruitment of 2900 students peacekeepers at the Center for Instruction and Application of Police.

This order shall be registered and published in the Official Gazette in French and English.


Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025: 1750 Cadet Police Constables.

1st Subject: Writing

  • This test covers topics from everyday life.
  • Narration of a scene.
  • description of a site.
  • a journey story.
  • letter to a company director, a director of administration, parent etc …

2nd test: Moral and Civic education

This subject covers the following topics contained in the class level programs CM1 and CM2

  • Patriotism (the national anthem, motto, flag)
  • Official documents that a citizen should have.
  • cleanliness.
  • Consciousness: notion of good and evil.
  • The choice of leisure
  • Politeness rules.
  • Teamwork, cooperation.

Police concours Cameroon 2024-2025: 1750 Cadet Police Constables.

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