GCE Results 2024 – O and A Levels Cameroon

A press release from the Ministry of Secondary Education will soon be made available announcing the official release of the Cameroon GCE results 2024 for both O and A Levels. The statistics of the GCE Exams for both the ordinary and advanced levels will also be made available by the official body in charge of the exams – the Cameroon GCE Board. So if you have been patiently waiting to find out if you made it this year, then this is for you.

How To Check Your Cameroon GCE Results 2024

If you want to download the results on our page, follow these simple steps:

Once on the page, you will see the different headlines about the GCE results such as: Download GCE results “A” level and Download GCE results “O” level.

Click the headline containing the results you want to download.

Once you click, you will be taken to the page where you can find the download button for the GCE results for 2024.

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Cameroon GCE Results 2020

Brief History of the Cameroon GCE

The Cameroon GCE board was officially created in 1993, thanks to the efforts of Anglophone community groups, such as the Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (TAC), led by Mr. Peter Chateh; churches; Confederation of Anglophone Parents’ Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (CAPTAC), with other trade union groups also playing a very crucial role in the creation of the board.

A text of application was signed on October 12, 1993, (Text of Application; Order Nº: 112/CAB/PM) to define and determine the administrative and financial organization of the Board and this led to the appointment of the pioneer Chairman of the Board.

The Cameroon GCE Board held its first session on 19 November 1993. Since then GCE examinations in Cameroon have been organized by the Cameroon GCE Board every year till date.

The Cameroon GCE Board organized the first sessions of its examinations as follows:

In June 1994 for the General education subjects

In June 1995 For the GCE Technical Education subjects and For the Baccalaureat Technique and Related Examinations in June 1997.

The GCE Board Grading System for the GCE Results 2024

The Cameroon GCE Board uses letter grades in its grading system. This is done as shown below.

GCE O Level Grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, U

Letter grades A, B, and C represent a passing grade, with the A grade being the highest and the C grade being the lowest, and U (unclassified) representing a fail. Grades D and E are better than U but are also failed grades.

Grades lower than C are not stated on the official certificate but you can however find these grades on the result slip which is temporary.

A = 3 points

B = 2 points

C = 1 point

 You need at least 4 papers to consider yourself successful.

Sample certificate Cameroon GCE Results 2020

GCE A Level Grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, O or F

Letter grades A, B, C, D, and E represent a passing grade; with the A grade being the highest and the E grade being the lowest. An F (fail) which is the lowest is not a passing grade and is not stated on the certificate. It is however stated on the result slip.

 An O is commonly referred to as a complementary grade and indicates that the candidate was close but yet not close enough, unfortunately. It is also a failing grade.

A = 5 points

B = 4 points

C = 3 points

D = 2 points

E =1 point

You need at least 2 papers to consider yourself successful.

Cameroon GCE Advanced Level and Ordinary Level Examinations

The General Certificate of Education Examinations Ordinary and Advanced Levels mark the end of Form 5 of the first cycle and Upper Sixth of the second cycle, respectively, of secondary general education.

The GCE examinations are broad-based and are set to measure the candidate’s knowledge of the world around him, his capacity to think, apply, synthesize and evaluate knowledge and situations in relation to the subjects which he has studied in class at the ordinary or Advanced Levels.

GCE exams are opened to external candidates on the same conditions as applied to those attending secondary schools; no limit to the number of sitting for a candidate.

GCE Results 2019 released

Paper Structure at the Cameroon GCE Exams

Questions in the GCE Exams are usually divided into paper 1 and 2 for the “O” Level and paper 1, 2 and 3 for the “A” Level.

GCE “O” Level Paper structure

  • Paper 1 – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), lasts for up to  1 hr 30 mins

This paper comprises 50 MCQ questions and candidates are expected to answer all these questions.

  • Paper 2 –Essay Questions, lasts for 2 hours 30 mins. Candidates are instructed on the number of questions to answer.

Paper 1 carries 40 marks while paper 2 carries 60 marks.

A” Level

  • Paper 1 – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), lasts for    1 hr 30 mins
  • Paper 2 – Essay Questions, lasts for 3 hours
  • Paper 3 – Problem solving, lasts for 3 hours

Cameroon GCE “O” Level Subjects

Subject Codes and Subjects

505 Accounting

510 Biology

515 Chemistry

520 Commerce

525 Economics

530 English Language

535 English Literature

540 Food and Nutrition

545 French

546 Special Bilingual Education French

550 Geography

555 Geology

560 History

562 Citizenship

565 Humana Biology

570 Mathematics

575 Additional Maths

580 Physics

585 Religious Studies

590 Logic

Note that 3 of these 21 subjects have practical components.  In other words, 19 subjects at the Ordinary Level are two paper subjects while Food and Nutrition, Special Bilingual Education French and Computer Science have three papers. That’s the practical being the third paper.

Each of these subjects have their specifications as regards the number of questions set per paper, the number of questions to be answered per paper and the scores and weightings are also different..

Cameroon GCE “A” Level Subjects

710 Biology

715 Chemistry

720 Commerce

725 Economics

730 English Language

735 English Literature

740 Food and Nutrition

745 French

746 Special Bilingual Education French

750 Geography

755 Geology

760 History

762 Citizenship

765 Humana Biology

770 Mathematics

775 Additional Maths

780 Physics

785 Religious Studies

790 Philosophy

795 Computer Science

796 Information and Communication


GCE Registration conditions

GCE “O” Level Registration conditions

  • Candidates for Ordinary Level examinations shall offer at least six subjects which must include the following: English Language, French, and Mathematics.
  • Candidates who already possess a pass in at least four Ordinary Level subjects or other equivalent qualification may enter for additional single subjects.
  • Candidates may enter for at most eleven subjects at Ordinary Level if they desire to include Religious Studies.
  • Candidates who are repeating the exams must enter for compulsory subjects, unless they show proof that they already possess a pass in the subjects.
  • Photocopies of Results Slips and Certificates must be attached upon registration.

GCE “A” Level Registration conditions

  • Candidates for the Advanced Level examination are allowed to enter for at most five subjects and at least two subjects.
  • These candidates must be holders of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level with pass grades in at least four subjects OR
  • Candidates who hold the University of London General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level with pass grades in at least four subjects.
  • Holders of at least Teacher Grade II Certificate.
  • Holders of R.S.A stage II certificate in at least four subjects.
  • Holders of other certificates deemed equivalent by the Board to any of the above.

GCE Intermediate Technical Certificate ( ITC) Registration conditions

  • Candidates who want to register for the Cameroon General Education Examinations at the Intermediate Level must show proof of Promotion to Form Five from a Class Council decision.

GCE Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) Registration conditions

Candidates who want to register for the Cameroon General Education Examinations at the Advanced Level should:

  • Be holder of CAP, BEPC, and GCE O-Level or its equivalence. In addition to these requirements, the candidate must show proof of promotion to Upper Sixth (from a Class Council decision).
  • Have passed the Probatoire Technicique or Probatoire de Brevet de Technicien Examination.

Cameroon GCE Registration Fees

The registration fees at GCE Ordinary Level, both General and Technical

Registration fee: Candidates Registering for the GCE Ordinary Level are required to pay a fixed registration fee of 8 000 FCFA.

Subject fee – 1000 FCFA per subject

Practical fee – Any candidate registering a subject having a practical session shall pay an extra fee of 5000 FCFA per practical session.

Franking of form G3 – 1000 FCFA

The registration fees at GCE Advanced Level – both General and Technical

Registration fee – Candidates Registering for the GCE Advanced Level are required to pay a fixed registration fee of 9 000 FCFA

Subject fee – 2000 FCFA per subject

Practical fee – Any candidate registering a subject having a practical session shall pay an extra fee of 5000 FCFA per practical session.

Franking of form G3 – 1000 FCFA

All fees must be paid ONLY through MTN Cameroon Mobile Money. Do not pay your money to any other person. The 1000 FCFA for franking of Form G3/T3) shall be paid ONLY to the Chief of Centre.

Documents required for GCE registration

Candidates are required to take along the following documents to the chief of centre for registration:

• Clean and clear photocopy of Birth Certificate

• Clean and clear photocopy of National Identity Card for External Candidates

• Clean and clear photocopy of Ordinary Level Results Slip or any relevant certificate

For candidates registering for Advanced Level and those going in for partial registration, the Board recommends that they consult the Examination Timetable for this session and the Regulations and Syllabuses before making any entry.

You have to make sure that your chosen subjects do not clash as you would not be allowed to sit in for a subject that is not on your individual timetable.

Note that it is impossible for any adjustments to be made if clashes occur with any other subject, examination or event.

The GCE Registration is done in three phases.

Phase I: Pre-Registration:

• Present yourself to the Chief of Centre for pre-registration formalities.

• Present all relevant information relating to registration to the Chief of Centre.

• Follow the pre-registration procedure with the registration officer of your Centre, at the end of which a pre-registration receipt will be printed and handed to you.

• Check the Pre-Registration form to confirm the choice of your subjects before proceeding to pay.

Phase II: Payment of Registration fees:

• Take the pre-registration receipt to any MTN Mobile Money agency for payment using the Code *126*007#

• Select the option GCE Board and proceed with the payment.

• Upon validation of your payment, a transaction receipt will automatically be generated by MTN.

Phase III: Validation of your Registration:

• Present the print-out receipt to your Chief of Centre or Registration Officer to validate your registration.

• Upon validation of your registration, an Individual Timetable (IT) will be printed and given to you for confirmation and signature.

• Check all information carefully, before signing, if there are errors ensure that corrections are done on the spot.

Candidates Registering both “O” and “A” Level

  • Candidates making entries for both Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations must register each level separately.
  • Candidates should not take the same subject at Ordinary and Advanced Level at the same Examination session.

Dismissed students

A student who gets dismissed after registration must remain a candidate at the registration centre. What this simply means is there is no DISMISSED CANDIDATE.

As such, you will still write at your centre during the exams.

GCE Results 2024: Compulsory Subjects at the GCE

All candidates going in for four or more subjects at the Ordinary Level must register for the compulsory subjects (English Language, French, or Special Bilingual Education French and Mathematics).

It is IMPORTANT to note that candidates who absent themselves from any paper of any of the three compulsory subjects shall be considered absent from the entire examination and their results nullified.

NOTE: the Cameroon GCE results 2024 are still to be published. When they are published, they will be uploaded on this site.

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