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Épreuve d’anglais renforcé au BEPC 2019

Answer all the questions

Section A: Grammar and vocabulary: (4 marks)

I. GRAMMAR: (2 marks)

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate expressions from the brackets.

A Children’s Adventure into Prose (by Sammy Oke Akombi)
1. Labu really worked hard his money but he was proud and vain. (with, to, for)
2. He didn’t make of the villagers his friend. (some, any, none)

Evamoh’s Davs at School (by Comfort Ashu)
The secretary General (at, on, around) the Governor’s office in Buea walked into the office (carried, carrying, carry) an expensive suitcase.

II. Vocabulary: (2 marks)

Fill each space with the appropriate expressions chosen from those in the box. There are more words than you need.

thrown, jet, wardens, picked, squeezed, crowd

A Children’s Adventure into Prose (by Sammy Oke Akombi)
1. The children’s father. . . . . . . . . . herbs into funnels.
2. The rest of the herbs were . . . . . . . . . . . . away.
Evamoh’s Davs at School (by Comfort Ashu)
1. Father Jacob asked the first farmers to accompany the . . .. . . . . . . . .to check the prospectuses.
2. Among the . . .. . . . . . . . . there were forty girls and their parents.

Section B: Comprehension (10 marks)

Read the excerpts below and answer the questions that follow them. Some of the questions are not directly on the excerpts. Use complete sentences.

Avamoh’s Days at School (by Comfort Ashu)
The school compound became much quieter as most students began revising thoroughly for their exams. There were a few who continued their giggling during prep. These were the lazy students who hoped that last minute revision would be enough to get them through the examinations.
On the first day of the exam week, the rising gong was sounded as usual and everyone jumped from bed faster than normal. After tidying his or her portion of the dormitory, each student had a bath and dressed in a smart, clean uniform.
Eyamoh made sure he had his pen, ruler and writing paper in his wallet. To Eyamoh, this was the most important of his secondary school experiences so far. Even though the first formers wrote test papers and not proper examinations, they still attached a great deal of importance to these end of term tests.

1. Why was the school not noisy? (1 mark)
2. Explain what students usually do during prep. (1 mark)
3. How long is the school term? (1 mark)
4. What is the function of the gong? (1 mark)
5. Apart from studying, what other activities do the students get involved in? (1 mark)

A Children’s Adventure into Prose (by Sammy Oke Akombi)
In the tradition of the people, when a princess was getting married, the features of her face remained secret, kept from her fiancé. Her face was hidden in a veil. It was only exposed when she finally arrived the husband’s home.

1. Who was getting married and who is the fiancé mentioned in the text? (1 mark)
2. How long was the girl expected to stay with her family after the celebrations before moving to her new home? (1 mark)
3. Besides being beautiful, name two other positive things about the princess. (1 mark)
4. Give one reason why the Chief initially refused the suitor from Ndebaya. (1 mark)
S. What did Anyi do when they were bathing in the river? (1 mark)

Section C: Composition writing (6 marks)

Write an essay of about 130-150 words on one of the following topics.

1. In Evamoh’s Days at School, it is said that graduation is « the most touching day at school ».
Write an essay in which you describe a graduation ceremony you attended. You may want to mention where it took place, the activities, the attire and what made the ceremony really special.
2. Drinking lasted until midnight when the family got together in Evamoh’s Days at School.
In your country many people drink. You noticed that Tita Atoh who is one of your friends drinks too and even gets drunk. Write a letter to him pointing out the negative effects of drinking. Also suggest what he can do to stop it. Your name is Nji Prosper, your school is GHS Tingoh and your post office box number is 122.
3. In A Children’s Adventure into Prose. Ma Bessem thinks that she is suffering because she does not have a girl child. In many cultures, girls and boys do not receive the same education at home. They are treated differently. Is this good? Write an essay in which you express your opinion. Use examples from the book and real life examples to illustrate your ideas.

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