Corrigé épreuve d’anglais au baccalauréat A 2020

Corrigé épreuve d’anglais au baccalauréat A 2020

Section one: Grammar (10 marks)
I- Use the word in the brackets to join the pair of sentences into one meaningful sentence (5 marks)
1) He is the man whose car was stolen (by thieves)
2) Joe was punished for insulting his teacher
3) The telephone rang while I was having dinner
• The telephone was ranging while I was having dinner
4) This is village where a volcano erupted
5) After (the) farmers had worked for a long time, they had a rest.
• -After they had worked for a longtime, (the) farmers had a rest.
• -The farmers had a rest after they had worked for a long time.
II- Rewrite each sentence following the instructions in brackets. (5 marks)
l) didn’t they
2) My mother said (that) I. (you, we, they) shouldn’t be silly.
3) Did his uncle visit him week?
4) will be doing
5) better/stronger/healthier/lighter

Section two: Vocabulary
I- Give a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined word. (2.5 marks)
1) enemy/opponent/antagonist/foe
2) rich / well- to-do/ well -off
3) inexperience/ immature/innocent/simple-minded
4) despise/ hate/detest
S) much/abundant
II- Fill in the blank in each sentence using the correct form of the word in brackets. (5 marks)
1) winner
2.) safely
3) unwanted
4) Watching
5) divide
III- Use a ward of your own to complete each sentence so that it makes sense. (5 marks)
1) success
2) borrow
3) directory
4) have /dial / look for
5) loan

Section three: Reading comprehension
1) According to the passage, global warming is: (2 marks)
• the increase in temperature that causes heat
• the heating / warming up of the earth
• the rise in world temperature
• the increase of heat in the world
2) Global warning is blamed on mankind because of their activities such as : (2 marks)
• Pollution cutting down of trees (deforestation)
• Increase urbanization
3) Greenhouse effect increase of use in temperature in the atmosphere (2 marks)
4) The four gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect are:
• Carbon dioxide
• Methane
• Water vapour
• Nitrous oxide
5) The following things could be done to control or prevent global warning: (2 marks)
• Reduce pollution
• Promote afforestation
• Reduce deforestation
• Reduce over industrialization (involves the emission of harmful gases in their air)

Section four: Essay
Topic I: Argumentive
Candidates should agree or disagree and start their opinion on whether a woman must be submissive to a man.
They have to give points to support the both sides of the argument

Topic 2: Article
Title of article, Name of writer (as provided in the question)
Has two parts:
a) The characteristics of good music
• Good music should:
• Be educative
• Have harmony (rhythm)
• Have unity sound
• Good organization, balance and flow of sound
• Be exciting
• …
b) Say why pornographic music must be banned offensive
Derail / distract students from learning, encourages promiscuity

Topic three: Formal letter (Complaint)
The situation of the school (no toilets, classrooms, infirmary and library)
The effects on the students and studies in general(given ideas should be developed)

Written by DUHAMEL

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