Cameroon GCE O-Level Chemistry Paper 1 past question 2019 Free download

Cameroon GCE O-Level Chemistry Paper 1 past question 2019. Past question paper GCE June 2019 Chemistry paper 1; Download Chemistry GCE past question papers and answers.

Cameroon GCE O-Level Chemistry Paper 1 past question 2019 Free download

It should be noted that this past question paper is for Ordinary level Students of the General secondary education system. That said, students from Uganda for example can as well take advantage of these questions to further hone their skills.

GCE O-Level Chemistry Paper 1 past question 2019 Instructions and data

Instructions to candidates

Mobile phones are NOT allowed in the examination room.

Duration: One and a half hours

Read the following instructions carefully before you start answering the questions in this paper. Make sure you have a soft HB pencil and an eraser for this examination.


Before the examination begins:

  • Check that this question booklet is headed ‘‘Ordinary Level -0515 Chemistry 1”
  • Fill in the information required in the spaces above.
  • Fill in the information required in the spaces provided on the answer sheet using your HB pencil:
    • Candidate Name, Exam Session, Subject Code, Centre Number and Candidate Number.
    • Take care that you do not crease or fold the answer sheet or make any marks on it other than those asked for in these instructions.

How to answer the questions in this examination

  • Answer ALL the 50 questions in this Examination.
  • Calculators are allowed
  • Each question has FOUR suggested answers: A, B, C and D. Decide which answer is appropriate. Find the number of the question on the Answer Sheet and draw a horizontal line across the letter to join the square brackets for the answer you have chosen. For example, if C is your correct answer, mark C as shown below:

[A]  [B]  [C]  [D]

  • Mark only one answer for each question. If you mark more than one answer, you will score a zero for that question. If you change your mind about an answer, erase the first mark carefully, then mark your
  • Avoid spending too much time on any one question. If you find a question difficult, move on to the next question. You can come back to this question later.
  • Do all rough work in this booklet using the blank spaces in the question booklet.
  • At the end of the examination, the invigilator shall collect the answer sheet first and then the question booklet. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEAVE THE EXAMINATION HALL WITH IT.

Useful data

  1. Relative Atomic Masses
  2. Hydrogen (H) = 1.0
  3. Carbon (C) = 12.0Copper (Cu) = 64.0
  4. Oxygen (O) = 16.0 zinc (Zn) = 65.0
  5. Chlorine (Cl) = 35.5
  6. Nitrogen (N) = 14.0
  7. Sodium (Na) = 23.0
  8. I Faraday = 96000 coulombs.
  9. Molar volume of any gas at r.t.p = 24000cm³
  10. Avogadro number = 6.02×10²³
  11. Specific heat capacity of water= 4.2 Jg-10C-1

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