15+ Best Trade Schools in Michigan 2023 | School Programs

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15+ Best Trade Schools in Michigan 2023 | School Programs. Unsure about your future? Explore a career in skilled trades. Most students think that Trade school programs are less valuable, so when the gate of universities closes on them, they tend to give up their academic pursuits.

If you are among those folks that think that attending a Trade School is a waste of time and resource, you have to change your mindset right now because you are having the wrong thought.

15+ Best Trade Schools in Michigan 2023 | School Programs
15+ Best Trade Schools in Michigan 2023 | School Programs

This post gives you insight into what Trade school entails and most importantly a comprehensive list of the Best Trade Schools in Michigan that you can go for.

What are the best Trade Schools in Michigan in 2023?

Here is the list of the best Trade Schools in Michigan.

  1. Wayne County Community College.
  2. Kalamazoo Valley Community College. 
  3. Henry Ford Community College
  4. Kirtland Community College.
  5. Oakland Community College
  6. Macomb Community College
  7. Lansing Community College.
  8. Delta College.
  9. Mott Community College
  10. Washtenaw Community College.
  11. Muskegon Community College
  12. West Shore Community College
  13. Schoolcraft College.
  14. Grand Rapids Community College
  15. Montcalm Community College.

6 Best Construction Trades Schools in Michigan

Below is a list of Construction Trades Schools in Michigan.

  1. Bay Mills Community College
  2. Platt College (Oklahoma)
  3. New England Tractor Trailer Training School.
  4. Washtenaw Community College
  5. Henry Ford College.
  6. Berkeley College.

10 Best Welding Trade Schools in Michigan

To be a successful welder, you will need qualities like stamina and endurance. It is a very practical task and can include lifting heavy objects and staying in one place for long periods.

  • Ferris State University College of Engineering Technology Welding Program.
  • Henry Ford Community College.
  • Kalamazoo Valley Community College.
  • Kellogg Community College.
  • Bay College Welding Program
  • Delta College Welding Engineering Technology.
  • Lansing Community College
  • Merrill Institute of Welding.
  • Monroe County Community College. 

Michigan HVAC Trade Schools in Michigan

With the demand for HVAC systems being fairly steady, well-qualified techs and engineers to plan, install, maintain and retrofit the systems are also needed. If you’re considering a career in HVAC and want to work in Michigan, check out this list of HVAC Trade Schools in Michigan

  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Kellogg Community College
  • Kirtland Community College
  • RewardJet
  • Delta College
  • New York City College of Technology.
  • Hudson County Community College
  • Siena Heights University
  • Mid Michigan Community College.
  • Northwestern Technological Institute.
  • Dorsey Schools
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College.
  • Oakland Community College.

17 Best Trade Schools in Michigan 2023 | School Programs

How much does trade school cost in Michigan?

Research has it that, to get a trade school certificate will cost you about $30,000 which is not anywhere close to $140,000 getting a university degree will cost. Reason you should look at is that applying for a program in any Michigan Trade schools will cost you lesser when compared with universities.

What skilled trades are in demand in Michigan?

These jobs are in demand for fields like healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, construction and automotive.

How Can I start a Trade School Program in Michigan?

If you really want to earn a degree program in any Michigan Trade school successfully, Attend all of your classes, Ask lots of pertinent questions, Do all of your work and hand it in on time, Study for your tests and pass them.

What can I do with a Degree From a Trade School in Michigan?

Welding Technology, Pharmacy, Phlebotomy Technician, HVAC Technology, Dental Assistant.

What are the Requirements for Starting a Trade School?

In starting a trade school, you don’t necessarily need any experience. In few minutes, you will be seeing just some of the requirements that you must have when starting a Trade school.

  • A course catalog.
  • Industry partners and advisors.
  • Start-up capital (your own, a small business loan, or investors).
  • A detailed curriculum.
  • A realistic business plan.
  • Initial approval to operate by the applicable regulatory body in your state. (Federal accreditation comes much later.)
  • Dedication and a willingness to work very, very long days.
  • Additional Resources: Admissions CRM and Student Information System Software.

List of Best Trade Schools in Michigan

Here are the Trade schools in Michigan you can enroll in this 2023.

1. Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College is a public college in Lansing and among the top study destination for most students who want to study in Michigan. This is because this community college provides top-notch quality education that ensures that students achieve their academic goals and objectives. Also, students are offered the opportunity to acquire life skills necessary for them to enrich and support themselves, their families, and their community as engaged global citizens.

2. Mott Community College

Another trade school you should try considering when looking for a nice school in Michigan that can help equip you with technical skills is Mott Community College. This community college offers 61 associate degrees and 40 pre-associate certificates programs in 32 different fields.

3. Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Kalamazoo Valley Community College has one of the top trade schools in Michigan, it is a public community college. Basically, this college has a process that involves planning tools and advising activities designed to provide every you with clear, flexible program options.

4. Wayne County Community College District

Wayne County Community College District consists of five campus locations and university facilities throughout the state. WCCCD focuses on vocational and professional programs, but college transfer opportunities are also available. Students use the Learning Resource Centers on each campus or through online access.

5. Delta College

Next in our list of top Michigan Trade schools is Delta College. This college is recognized nationally as one of America’s leading community colleges. At this college, you are sure of acquiring excellent skills and innovative abilities that can help you in any career of your choice. Moreso, educating, enriching, and empowering programs are available.

6. Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College is considered one of the most outstanding trade schools in Michigan. At this college, you can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Ultrasound Medical Diagnostics and is known as one of the growing and profitable healthcare sectors for professionals with a college degree or less.

7. Oakland Community College

Oakland Community College one of the best Trade Schools in Michigan that offers varieties of programs in different fields. With a degree and certification programs from this college Trade school, you are sure of starting your first career or next career project. Oakland Community College was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission with five campuses.

8. Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College was the first community college and among the best Trade schools in Michigan. So, if you want to start your academic career and you don’t know were to start from, going for any of the degree programs in this Michigan trade school will be a good start.

9. Muskegon Community College

Muskegon Community College (MCC) is a public community college in Muskegon, Michigan. This Community College offers more than 80 degree and certificate options that provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for today’s in-demand and emerging career fields.

10. West Shore Community College

Western Michigan school offers 50 certification degrees and programs that include certification in corrections, health care, and office information systems.

11. Montcalm Community College

MCC is committed to building pathways to success for all of our students and citizens in the communities we serve. Montcalm Community College offers  54 degrees,  certificates, and  job training programs that will help prepare you for a variety of careers, for transfer to a four-year institution, for advancement in the workforce, or that may be taken just for fun. 

12. Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College is a public community college in Livonia, Michigan. Basically, this college creates a well-rounded educational experience that encourages students to make connections on campus and in the community. It also college offers classes, certificate programs, and associate degrees in more than 70 different majors. This Michigan trade school was accredited by Higher Learning Commission (The HLC).

13. Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College was the first community college and among the best Trade schools in Michigan. If you want to start your academic career and you don’t know were to start from, going for any of the degree programs in this Michigan trade school will be a good start.

14. Washtenaw Community College

At Washtenaw Community College, opportunities are offered to students to study in an Associate / Professional in Applied Science program at the top of its Arts and Associate in Science programs. These degree programs offer a more business-focused and focused curriculum to quickly prepare students for the industry jobs they want to establish.

15. Kirtland Community College

Kirtland Community College is among the top Carpentry Trade Schools in Michigan and the only community colleges within Crawford County, MI. This community college offers 38 degrees and certificate programs which includes six transfer associate degree programs.

16. Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Community College aims at teaching and enriching students which technical skills that will help them succeed in life. This Michigan school also prepares students for a rapidly changing world and workplace, it’s committed to providing knowledge, communication skills, and cultural opportunities.

How Can I Start a Trade School Program in Michigan?

Many students make the mistake of enrolling in their desire Trade school without preparing themselves very well. Although Trade school is just two years of school, it can be difficult because it requires more time than most people think. but it will be a bit easy if you make adequate preparation.

If you really want to earn a degree program in any Michigan Trade school successfully, just adhere to the points listed below:

  • Attend all of your classes.
  • Ask lots of pertinent questions.
  • Do all of your work and hand it in on time.
  • Study for your tests and pass them.

Automobile Trade schools in Michigan

With the state’s largest city known as “Motor City,” it’s no surprise that career opportunities in auto mechanics prevail in Michigan. Here are some Automobile Trade schools in Michigan you can enroll in this 2023.

  • Wayne County Community College District
  • Washtenaw Community College.
  • Oakland Community College
  • Mid Michigan Community College.
  • Bay College.

Carpentry Trade Schools in Michigan

Below are some of the Carpentry Trade Schools in Michigan.

  • Lansing Community College.
  • Grossmont College.
  • Macomb Community College.
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Delta College
  • Oakland Community College.
  • Northwestern Michigan College
  • Kirtland Community College. 
  • Bay de Noc Community College.
  • Michigan Career and Technical Institute.

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